Citation for Comic Books

citation neededHey All.

While the place of this blog is very openly casual in its review and analysis, I see that slowly changing. As time goes by, I’m finding that the people who take interest in my writing and research are not looking at it for its entertainment value, but for its [potential] scholarship. The fact that there is not yet an established, comprehensive guide to citing the graphic arts (in all their variance of work) is testament to the fact that comic studies is still something of a Wild West, academically speaking.

Since taking on a research project earlier this year, I’ve struggled with the notion of comics citation. How would  it work? There are so many different types of comics out there. Likewise, comics is so rarely a single-person effort. How to you properly cite for Writer, Editor, Illustrator (not to mention penciller, inker, colourist, etc.)

I came across a piece on that I wanted to share. Maybe not a read for everyone, but if you’re within the realm of comics research, it might interest you.  (Heads up: is a social media platform for academics – just sign up like you would on Facebook, and you get access to millions of articles on every subject imaginable… yes, even Citation of comic books.)

Referencing Comics: A Comprehensive Citation Guide

4 thoughts on “Citation for Comic Books”

    1. That’s great, Candace! I’m not on there too much, but I subscribe to a bunch of different subject tags (comics, history, etc.) and get weekly updates on published papers that are often really interesting. Enjoy!

    1. Hey Daniel, thanks for reading! As far as I can tell, the author’s work is suggestive and not definitive, but it is much more thorough and all-encompassing than previous models for citing comics. It therefore may become a new model– but that is yet to be determined.

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