Contributors Style Guide

Dear Prospective Contributors: Welcome!

The purpose of this style guide is to make life easier for all of us.  Follow this guide and we will both have to spend a minimum amount of time writing and editing.  Submissions that don’t follow the guidelines will be sent back, uncompensated.


1) We do not use a formal style guide for grammar and spelling, but these things do matter.  Please make sure there are no crimes against the English language in your submission.  This would include run on sentences, sentence fragments, comma splices and hanging quotations.  Spelling errors and errors involving homophones are also no good.  Try reading the article aloud before submitting it as this can be an excellent way to catch mistakes.  Also, please be sure you know the difference between “its” and “it’s”.
Anyone looking to make a committed plunge into the world of writing should make sure they have the following essay under their belt: George Orwell’s “Politics and the English Language.” 


2) When you have an idea for a review, submit a pitch to, or fill out the form below.  A pitch doesn’t need to be long – just to name the comic and explain the angle of the review.  Discussion prior to submission cannot be emphasized enough: it is in initial discussion that we can offer you guidance and resources for helping you make as successful a contribution as possible.


3) If someone wants a summary of a comic, they can find it on Amazon or Wikipedia.  A good submission has an analytical dimension to it – an aspect of the text that is relevant, problematic or even just remarkable.  Simply producing a summary with a few remarks about how a text is good or bad is not worth anyone’s time, and will not draw hits to the website.
We encourage you to submit pictures with your text, and to write with these graphics in mind.


4) This is a political project aimed at using comics to inspire people.  Critical coverage is awesome.  Sneering detachment from the very notion of radical politics or social engagement is not what we’re looking for.  We are definitely looking for perspectives offering radical perspective, productive criticism, and creative outlooks to the world’s problems.


5)  We can only afford to publish a certain amount of articles a month.  If you are comfortable with submitting an article and waiting until it is published before getting paid, you are welcome to do so.  But you’re more than welcome to pitch an article and keep it until we can afford to pay you!


6) In summary, you are a contractor, not an employee.  This means you are being hired for your expertise and enjoy a high degree of freedom in your work.  No one is supervising you and no one can tell you when to get back to work.  But it also means you are the one responsible for the quality of your work being up to standards.  Sending things back is no fun for us, either.


7) Have fun!  That seems like a lot of rules up there but they are really easy to follow, especially after a few submissions under your belt.  Mostly, you are getting paid to write about comic books and having your work published online.  You’re also helping to educate people, and could make a name for yourself as a writer.  Or, just get paid to sit in your underpants and read comic books.  Either way, a win, really.



2 thoughts on “Contributors Style Guide”

  1. Accidentally messaged my comics *facepalm*

    I had thought of proposing an idea to this website before, but I had never been quite sure of the process. Thanks for clearing that up! I love that you require your pieces to have something of a political slant, its what differentiates your reviews from others that I read. Thanks!

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