One thought on “New Comic: Interview with the Founder of ComiqueCon”

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    Activist comics and Patreon ~ something for adjunct and other social justice activists to think about.

    About Ad Astra Comix: The Panel is Political

    “Founded in 2013 by Nicole Marie Burton, Ad Astra Comix is run as a partnership. Nicole is an artist and her partner, Hugh Goldring, is a writer. Together, they produce, review and publish comics with social justice themes.

    We think comics can help amplify the voices of the unheard: women, people of colour, colonized people, queer and trans people and others who experience structural oppression. That can be very discouraging reading, and we also think comics are an opportunity to tell stories of resistance, resilience and triumph.”

    Why Ad Astra Comix is on Patreon,

    “Did you know that it’s illegal to give away free food in hundreds of US cities? Or that there’s an institute dedicated to the study of social ecology and direct democracy in Riceboro, Georgia? Or that there are comic conventions dedicated to women and people of color held in Detroit? Stories like this are easy to miss. We’d like to do our little bit to help.”

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