35 Years of World War 3 – An Exclusive Interview

It’s been thirty-five years of World War 3. As momentous as it sounds, no one could have known in 1979 that this self-published periodical based in New York City would become the longest-running anthology of political comics in the world–at least, that we’ve been able to find. Advertisements

Cartoonists to Director of the Angoulême Comics Festival: Drop SodaStream

For more information: http://lettertoangouleme.tumblr.com/ CARTOONISTS TO DIRECTOR OF ANGOULEME FESTIVAL: DROP SODASTREAM Sacco, Siné, Katchor, Kerbaj, Coe, Drooker, Kuper, Madden, Tobocman, among dozens of others protest sponsorship by Israeli settlement manufacturer FRIDAY, JANUARY 31, 2014– Over forty cartoonists and illustrators from a dozen countries around the world released an open letter today to Franck Bondoux, … Continue reading Cartoonists to Director of the Angoulême Comics Festival: Drop SodaStream

Complete Up-To-Date Stock List

Last Updated: August 19, 2013. America Gone Wild! Creator: Ted Rall Published: 2006 by Andrews McMeel Publishing Details: Softcover Bayou (I, II) Creator: Jeremy Love Published: 2010 by DC Comics Details: Softcover. Parts 1 and 2 of a 3-part series (last book is yet to be released). Review available. The Bush Junta: 25 Cartoonists on … Continue reading Complete Up-To-Date Stock List

World War 3 – #44 – The Other Issue

World War 3 is America’s longest-running radical comics anthology. While I’ve never reviewed an issue for Ad Astra, a lot of radical comic artists (including those I’ve featured here) have graced their pages. This issue took on the idea of “the other” – when ideas and people are perceived as alien, even opposite or in … Continue reading World War 3 – #44 – The Other Issue