On the Campaign Trail w/ “Talk is Cheap”

Welcome to ‘Talk is Cheap’, our new newspaper-style comic covering the Canadian political scene – such as it is. Following in the tradition of Doonesbury, Bloom County and Weltschmerz, TiC aims to measure the space between rhetoric and reality with a mixture of surrealism, snark and snappy visuals.

Currently running in Trent University’s Arthur Newspaper, with art by Ad Astra Comix founder Nicole Burton and text by lead staff editor Hugh Goldring,

‘Talk is Cheap’ is available for syndication, so send us an e-mail for details if you’re interested!

Episode 1 (September 7)

Mel Helps River with an unfortunate infestation…


Episode 2 (September 15)

“It’s 1964 in Peterborough! The Beatles are at the top of the charts, and the newly-formed NDP will soon bring us to live in a socialist paradise!”


Episode 3 (September 22)

With a little help from friend and migration-management veteran Tony Abbott, Harper deals with his refugee crisis.


Episode 4 (September 29)

River received a phone call from the most lovable critters of the season: the election pollsters…


Episode 5 (October 14)

It’s a long journey to justice, in this week’s Talk Is Cheap… as Mel mobilizes her friend River to get out and vote!


Episode 6 (October 21)

This week, River educated Mel about that well-known but rarely understood Parliament creature, the P.R. Reptile…


Episode 7 (October 29)

Before you or anyone you know decided to apply for graduate school, consider these simple words wrapped in colourful pictures:

7_ 2

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