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Talk is Cheap #7: Friends Don’t Let Friends Go to Grad School

Episode #7 of Talk is Cheap!

Since the election is over, we’re taking a break from Canadian electoral politics and looking at the politics of academia, so to speak.

We will be going from weekly to bi-weekly as of November (that’s one comic every two weeks, not two comics every week. Sowwy), but this gives you the time to check out all the previous episodes!

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Episode 1 of “Talk is Cheap”

Welcome to ‘Talk is Cheap’, our new newspaper-style comic covering the Canadian political scene – such as it is. Following in the tradition of Doonesbury, Bloom County and Weltschmerz, TiC aims to measure the space between rhetoric and reality with a mixture of surrealism, snark and snappy visuals.

Currently running in Trent University’s Arthur Newspaper, with art by Ad Astra Comix founder Nicole Burton and text by lead staff editor Hugh Goldring,

‘Talk is Cheap’ is available for syndication, so send us an e-mail for details if you’re interested!

Episode 1 (Week of Sept 7)





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