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100 Year Rip-Off is Back from Printers!

Fresh out of the box - mmm, the smell of slightly burned toner.
Fresh out of the box – mmm, the smell of slightly burned toner.

Fresh Out of the Box!

On Tuesday this week, I got the call to come and pick up 5 boxes of freshly printed comics – 100 Year Rip-Off has come back to life.  For those of you who follow these posts, you’ll know that this has been Ad Astra’s main project for the past few months.

First order of business is filling pre-orders from the lovely folks who supported me during my Indiegogo campaign–they are deserving of a comic on their doorsteps immediately, along with my most heartfelt thanks. It feels wonderful to have people around you who believe in your project.


This Summer has been such a blur of activity, I feel like I haven’t really had time to sit down and process my first publishing experience. From the get-go, I liked the idea of publishing creative work from someone other than myself for the first go at it–I feel like creating and producing are two very different processes that deserve their own special care and attention. Likewise, I wanted to give myself at least some mental time and space to look at the process as much from outside myself as possible–a hard thing to do when you’re staring your own brain child.

And so I impart to you the lessons I’ve learned from this experience from Day 1 – from initial planning, getting in touch with creators, editing, printing, fundraising, and retailing.

Make a Timeline. It’s not that we all follow calendars, but they help your brain foreshadow the journey in which you’re about to take part. Get a cheap calendar from the dollar store, or a get a big piece of paper, and lay out everything you think will be involved in the process of your project.
Enjoy the Process. A lot of the editing work with 100 Year Rip-Off was incredibly tedious–essentially going over each image with a magnifying glass. But I actually enjoy this work, and find the focus involved therapeutic. If you find yourself going into territory that is boring or frustrating–but necessary for your project’s completion, find a way to make it a more enjoyable experience. Creativity, love, and care in work all stem from savored moments. Don’t rush it.

Make Connections.  Anyone who has a project they want to share should always have this in mind. Everywhere you go, you have opportunities to talk about what you’re working on. Don’t get all shy and say “I don’t want to promote myself”. Stop it! You’re not shamelessly promoting yourself–you are promoting your work, which has a life all its own. And let me tell you, it’s way more interesting to talk about with your neighborhood barrista in the morning than the frickin’ weather or new version of the iPhone. Come off it. People love projects. They love hearing about what the people around them are working on. Share the process you’re involved in with others–and you will always find people who say, “When you’re done–save one for me.”

Seriously Calculate Finances. Seriously. I know everyone hates it,  but understanding how much your project is going to cost is pretty important–especially when you’re asking people to help you out with money. This brings me to my next point, which is Indiegogo related.

Details of Delivery. Once your project is done, how’s it getting out to people? If you did a crowd-funding campaign, did you calculate for postage? How about international orders? These all seem like “good problems” to have, that you’re willing to table until you’re far enough along that they will come up–but think about them now. I included a promotional poster in with my Indiegogo campaign–one that I wanted to send unfolded to contributors. Well, after the campaign had ended, I found out that shipping it unfolded was going to cost 2-3 times as much as what people had donated for it! FAIL. Keep shipping in mind.

… I may add to this list later, but these are my immediate reflections on this particular project. I’d like to take some more time in the near future to really lay out the anatomy of the process, and perhaps turn it into its own How-To project.

Thanks for reading.


Complete Up-To-Date Stock List

Last Updated: August 19, 2013.

America Gone Wild!
Creator: Ted Rall
Published: 2006 by Andrews McMeel Publishing
Details: Softcover

Bayou (I, II)
Creator: Jeremy Love
Published: 2010 by DC Comics
Details: Softcover. Parts 1 and 2 of a 3-part series (last book is yet to be released). Review available.

The Bush Junta: 25 Cartoonists on the Mayberry Machiavelli and the Abuse of Power
Creator: (Various – Anthology)
Edited by: Mach White and Gary Groth
Published: 2004 Fantagraphics Books
Details: Softcover. Includes work by Seth Tobocman, Ted Rall, Peter Kuper, Spain Rodriguez, Steve Brodman, Lloyd Dangle, Carol Swain, Ted Jouflas, and Ethan Persoff

Che: A Graphic Biography
Creator: Spain Rodriguez
Edited: Paul Buhle
Published: 2008 by Verso Books
Details: Softcover. Review available.

Che: A Graphic Biography
Writing: Sid Jacobson
Art: Ernie Colon
Published: 2009 by Hill and Wang
Details: Hardcover. Review Available.

Che: A Manga Biography
Writer: Kiyoshi Konno
Artist: Chie Shimano
Published: 2010 by Penguin U.S.A. (Originally published in Japan
Details: Softcover English translation.Review available.

Comic Art Propaganda
Writing: Fredrik Stromberg
Art: Various
Published: 2010 by Ilex Press Limited.
Details: Softcover. Forward by Peter Kuper.

Dark Rain: A New Orleans Story
Writing: Mat Johnson
Art: Simon Gane
Published: 2010 by Vertigo Comics
Details: Hardcover. Review available.

SOLD OUT –Devil Dog: The Amazing True Story of the Man Who Saved America
Writing: David Talbot
Art: Spain Rodriguez
Published: 2010 by Simon & Schuster
Details: Hardcover. Review Available.

Edible Secrets: A Food Tour of Classified U.S. History
Writing: Michael Hoerger and Mia Partlow
Art: Nate Powell
Published: 2010 by Microcosm Publishing
Details: Softcover. Review available.

Extraction! Comix Reportage
Creator: Various
Published: Cumulous Press
Details: Softcover. No longer in print. Review available.

FLOOD! by Eric Drooker
Creator: Eric Drooker
Details: Softcover. No longer in print. Review available.

SOLD OUT —Footnotes in Gaza
Creator: Joe Sacco
Published: 2009 by Joe Sacco
Details: Softcover. Review available.

The Hammer& The Anvil: Frederick Douglas, Abraham Lincoln, and the End of Slavery in America
Writing: Dwight Jon Zimmerman
Art: Wayne Vansant
Published: 2012 Hill and Wang
Details: Hardcover. Forward by James M. McPherson

Hyena in Petticoats: The Story of Suffragette Nellie McClung
Creator: Willow Dawson
Published: 2011 by Puffin Canada
Details: Softcover.Review Available.

J. Edgar Hoover: A Graphic Biography
Creator: Rick Geary
Published: 2008 by Hill and Wang
Details: Hardcover

Liberator: Issues 1 – 4
Creator: Matt Miner and Joel Gomez
Published: 2013 (Black Mask Studies)
Details: Single issues available with protective board/bag. Review available.

Life Begins at Incorporation
Creator: Matt Bors
Published: 2013 (self-published)
Details: Softcover. Review available. Author website here:

Louis Riel
Creator: Chester Brown
Details: Review available.

Mayday: A Graphic History
Creator: The Graphic History Collective
Details: Interview with comic makers available.

Not the Israel My Parents Promised Me
Words: Harvey Pekar
Art: JT Waldman
Published: 2012 by Hill and Wang
Details: Hardcover. Review available.

Notes for a War Story
Creator: Gipi
Published: 2007 by First Second
Details: Hardcover. Collector’s Edition.

SOLD OUT—-A People’s History of American Empire: The Graphic Adaptation
Creator: Howard Zinn, Paul Buhle
Published: 2010
Details: Softcover. Review Available.

Trotsky: A Graphic Biography
Creator: Rick Geary
Published: 2009 by Hill and Wang
Details: Hardcover. Part of Geary’s Hill and Wang Graphic Biography series.

The Silence of Our Friends
Creator: Mark Long, Jim Demonakos, Nate Powell
Published:2012 by First Second
Details: Softcover. Review available.

Students for a Democratic Society: A Graphic History
Writer: Harvey Pekar
Art: Gary Dumm
Editing: Paul Buhle
Published: 2008 by Hill and Wang
Details: Additional text by SDS Members; additional art by Josh Brown, James Cennamo, and others. Hardcover.

Take What You Can Carry
Creator: Kevin C. Pyle
Published: 2012 by Henry Holt
Details: Softcover.

SOLD OUT—UNeducation Volume 1: A Residential School Graphic Novel
Creator: Jason Eaglespeaker
Published: 2012 (self-published)
Details: Author website here: Review available.

V for Vendetta
Writer: Alan Moore
Art: David Lloyd, Steve Whitaker, Shiobhan Dodds
Published: 1988 by Vertigo Publishing
Details: Softcover. Definitely not a first edition. Review available.

The Vietnam War: A Graphic History
Writing: Dwight Jon Zimmerman
Art: Wayne Vansant
Published: 2009 by Hill and Wang
Details: Hardcover.

Who is Ana Mandieta?
Creator: Christine Redfern and Caro Caron
Published: 2011 by The Feminist Press
Details: Hardcover. Review available.

World War 3 Illustrated
Creator: Various (Anthology)
Details:  America’s longest-running anthology of radical comics. Published quarterly in New York City. Currently on #44 – “The Other Issue”. Review available.